Carbon environmental assessments

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Carbon environmental assessments should be mandatory of all major government projects, activities and policies.

Greenhouse gas emissions resulting from or associated with policies and projects need to be quantified and factored into the decision making process.

Examples of policy areas where this should apply include:

  • Infrastructure such as roads, freeways, public transport, rail transport, cycling infrastructure
  • Tax reform (in Australia tax deductions on car leases encourage people to travel a "minimum distance" per year in their cars and trucks)
  • Projects such as Victoria's bay dredging - where an increase in truck traffic moving containers has not been considered\

Legislation to support this process in in place and used in Europe and Canada.

An understanding of the level of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the policies will facilitate informed decision making so that the best projects and policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and hence address climate change are approved.[1]

[edit] References

  1. Sustainability chief recommends green policy assessments, The Age, April 23, 2008
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