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Delta Street is the longest and most significant unpaved road in the City of Boroondara in Melbourne, Australia. The street is appreciated by many locals as a 'country lane' within a very urban area.

Many local residents use the street as a walkway to access South Surrey Park. It is pedestrian-friendly as there is very little vehicle traffic due to the street's narrow width and unsealed surface.

Some locals even take international visitors to see "the dirt road in Boroondara".

Council Officers have recommended that Delta Street be paved to solve drainage issues and reduce maintenance.

Limited community consultation, conducted by Council with residents directly adjacent to Delta Street, resulted in a large majority of them indicating they want the unsealed surface retained.

A Friends of Delta Street group formed to protect the street and commissioned an engineer who prepared an alternate plan that retains the country lane surface without widening the street. This plan also addresses Council and resident concerns about drainage and maintenance.

The plans to pave Delta Street were voted on by Boroondara Council on Monday 20 June 2011.

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