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Earth Hour is a community action event that was held across the globe on March 18 in 2008. Millions of people in some of the world’s major capital cities, including Copenhagen, Toronto, Chicago, Melbourne, Brisbane and Tel Aviv united to switch off unneeded power for one hour at 8pm.

Earth Hour began in Sydney in 2007 and has become a global event with more than 35 countries taking part.

In Victoria, Australia, more than two million people turned off switches and appliances for the event on Saturday night.

  • The event resulted in a 10.1 per cent drop in energy use across Melbourne's central business district between 8pm and 9pm, Citipower figures showed.
  • Across Victoria, the National Electricity Market Management Company reported a 3.5 per cent drop in electricity use during the hour.

Earth Hour Melbourne project manager Fiona Poletti said she was thrilled with the result, which according to AGL Energy represented a reduction of almost 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide. "That's equivalent to taking 61,320 cars off the road for an hour," Ms Poletti said.[1]

In Chicago, lights in more than 200 city buildings were dimmed on Saturday.

Lights also went out at the famed Wat Arun temple in Bangkok, Thailand, shopping and cultural centres in Manila, London City Hall and Canterbury Cathedral in England.

On the isle of Aegina, near Athens, much of its population marched by candlelight to the port.

In Ireland, where environmentalists are part of the coalition government, lights went out in scores of government buildings, bridges and monuments.

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