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The Going Solar transport newsletter provides news and information about sustainable and energy efficient transport topics in Australia.

In parts of Australia the transport sector accounts for around 25% of greenhouse gas emissions. Clearly this needs to be addressed with the solutions coming from innovative thinking and technologies. Conventional practices have created the problems of pollution, congestion and traffic trauma. We need to start planning for the future and freeing ourselves from dependence on oil.

In 2005, Going Solar established a separate Sustainable Transport Division to pursue new ideas, products and technologies and work with Urban Designers, Transport Planners and Traffic Planners but champion the sustainable transport options. Clients include both those from the private sector (developers who see an economic advantage in making their developments more sustainable) and the government sector.

The Sustainable Transport Division specialises in sustainable transport solutions for lower density areas. This involves Transport Orientated Development around village hubs and nodes. Our strategies include the encouragement of walking, cycling, car-sharing, good urban design and the increased use of public transport.

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