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[edit] A heading

test edit, normal text

Bold text, italics

[edit] A sub heading

  • bullet point 1
  • bullet point 2
  1. list item 1
  2. list item 2
  1. indented list item

[edit] fried cheese is delicious

  • it's crunchy on the outside
  • it's gooey on the inside
  • it's gloriously greasy
  • it's thrillingly caloric
  • fried cheese is the bomb diggity, yo

hello how are you

[edit] the best places to procure fried cheese

  1. Charlottesvile's the College Inn
  2. Sonic Drive-Thru (be sure to check out their fried cheescake as well!)
  3. Good 'ol Arby's
  4. This is not really user friendly format!

[edit] Famous people who eat fried cheese

  • George Bush (explains the slightly pained expression)
  • Kevin Rudd (keeps up energy for those all-night spin doctoring sessions)
  • Paris Hilton (see George Bush...on second thoughts, don't)
  • Nick Minchin (explains his climate theories)
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