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You can search Greenlivingpedia for articles names and text using the Search function.

  • To look for a specific article, enter the article name in the search box and click the Go button.
  • To look for text, enter the text the same search box and click the Search button.

You can also fine tune searches on the Search results page by ticking boxes of the types of articles (also called namespaces) you would like to search, including:

  • (Main)
  • Talk
  • User
  • User talk
  • Greenlivingpedia
  • Greenlivingpedia talk
  • Image
  • Image talk
  • MediaWiki
  • MediaWiki talk
  • Template
  • Template talk
  • Help
  • Help talk
  • Category
  • Category talk
  • List redirects

[edit] Tips

  • Unsuccessful searches are often caused by searching for common words like "have" and "from", which are not indexed, or by specifying more than one search term (only pages containing all of the search terms will appear in the result).
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