Hawthorn house

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The Hawthorn house has a 2.1 kW solar array, solar hot water and water tanks installed where a swimming pool was decommissioned.

Location Hawthorn, Victoria
Country Australia
Type Sustainable renovation
House size Medium

Summary of house features

  • Solar panels, grid connected
  • Solar hot water
  • Rainwater tanks - 6,600 litres

Even though the north facing part of our modest sized house roof is already occupied by two solar hot water panels, we have managed to install a 2.1 kilowatt grid-connected solar PV system, with the twelve panels mounted onto four north facing frames. Two frames sit on each of the east and west facing parts of the roof, looking a bit like two pairs of ears.

Our house also has rainwater tanks of 6,600 litres capacity - one of these is buried in the hole left by the swimming pool that we removed because it used too much water and energy. The stored rainwater is used on a vegetable garden that has been established above this buried tank.

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