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The three easiest ways to create a new page are:

[edit] 1. Using this Create article box

[edit] 2. Use the Go button

Perform a search for the new title with the Go button.

Image:Go to page.jpg

When the search finds nothing, click on the red link "create this page".

Image:Create new page.jpg

[edit] 3. Add a new page link to an existing page

While editing an existing page, create an "interwiki" link to the new page by typing [[new page name]], then save the page. Then click on the redlink 'new page name' to edit the new page, add your content, then save it to create the page.

[edit] Detailed instructions

  • Type the name of the new page in the search field to the left.
  • Click Go.
  • If there is no page titled with that name, you can create the page by clicking create this page under search results.
  • Add information. Do not worry about formatting or completeness if you are not sure how to do it. Others will help and changes are easily made. Be bold.
  • Please put at least one category tag at the end, for example: [[Category:Renewable energy]]. If you're keen, you might want to browse the categories, or create a new one if there isn't a similar one already.
  • Click Show preview to see what you have created.
  • If you would like be alerted when someone makes a change to this page, select Watch this page.
  • Add a Summary and click Save Page when you are satisfied. Come back as often as you like, to make changes.
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