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To use Google maps within Greenlivingpedia, such as the one displayed on the right, you can:

  • Click on a red tag to get more information about the building/location, then follow the link provided to the article
  • Drag the map around by click on the map, holding the left mouse button down, then moving the mouse
  • Move the map around by using the arrow buttons on the map
  • Zoom in or out by clicking the "+" or "-" buttons on the map OR by using your mouse scroll wheel with the cursor over the map

[edit] Technical information - how to add a map to an article

The Google Maps feature is provided by a MediaWiki extension that does two things. First, it defines a <googlemap> tag that translates a special syntax into a map with captioned markers. As the name implies, the extension is powered by the miraculous Google Maps API. The extension's syntax is easy; here's an example that will create a map with two captioned points:

  <googlemap lat="32.82422" lon="48.481141">
  32.81134, 48.498341, One of many [[gas stations]] in town
  32.82448, 48.504848, The [[town hall]]

To help you make maps, the extension also adds a link button on each Edit page that says "make a map". This will bring up an map that you can click on to add points, and it will show you corresponding map syntax to paste into your article.

You can try out demo (click "make a map" on that page).

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