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Jump to: navigation, search recycles used kitesurfing kites to manufacture plastic bags and other products.

Only 3.5% of plastics are recycled and 10% of plastics in the ocean are pre-production pellets, which were never made into a product. For every pound of zooplankton there are 6lbs of plastic in our oceans and animals are starving to death because their digestive tracts are blocked with plastic.

The trend of reusable grocery bags is a step in the right direction, yet many of these alternatives are injecting newly produce raw plastics into our environment. In an industry such as kiteboarding, rapid innovation leads to high turnover, and as a result kites frequently become obsolete before the materials have suffered any serious degradation. strongly believes that the solutions to our environmental problems start with creative problem solving at the local level. Our two prong approach is to reduce the amount of kites heading for our landfills while recycling kite materials to create a new product with a positive environmental impact.

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