Lilyfield public housing redevelopment

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The Lilyfield public housing redevelopment in Sydney, Australia, is the first public housing development to obtain a 5 star building rating.

This development has achieved an innovative new standard for public housing.

[edit] Features

  • Open aspect
  • Cross flow ventilation and ceiling fans
  • Large windows for north and south walls can be opened for ventilation
  • No airconditioning
  • High thermal standard
  • Rainwater storage of 120,000 litres used for toilets and other domestic uses
  • Total cost of 30m dollars
  • 88 apartments with a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms
  • Communal courtyard with vegetable growing areas.
  • Window shutters.

This project highlights a move away from high density high rise public housing, which also reduces the amount of materials required for construction.

In February 2011 there is a shortfall of 500,000 households for low income earners across Australia.

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