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A Living Building is a building that is designed to provide all your needs and maintain itself as far as possible. Integrated into the design are ecological methods for purifying water, waste treatment, energy provision, heating, cooling and even food.

It may include the use of living machine technology that uses purpose grown plants to purify and clean air, water and waste their natural functions fulfil a basic need of somekind, i.e. water hyacinths for purifying water, breathing walls for cleaning Air using Peace Lilies and other natural aircleaners. Living Machines have no bills and in this respect are similar to the Autonomous House, however it is the case with a completely efficient and holistically designed Living Building that it may even provide energy.

Living Buildings may make use of simple or complicated technology and design. However it is possible to use the simple understanding of ecological design used in these buildings to reinforce these ecological and economic attributes in any building.

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