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The Replace Hazelwood campaign is calling on Victorian and Federal Governments to commit to replace Hazelwood with Clean Energy by 2012.[1]

Hazelwood is Australia’s dirtiest power station, and one of the dirtiest in the world.

A report released on Monday 17 May 2010 stated that Hazelwood power station could be replaced as soon as the end of 2012, cutting Victoria’s greenhouse pollution by 12 percent and creating hundreds more jobs than it currently provides.

Climate action groups are conducting a doorknocking campaign in their local areas to raise resident's awareness of the opportunity to close Hazelwood and replace it with clean energy.

[edit] Petition

In May 2012, we are on the verge of a historic opportunity to Replace Hazelwood, Australia's dirtiest power station, with clean energy. Environment Victoria supporters have been campaigning to Replace Hazelwood for many years, and finally the chance is within our reach. But the negotiations to close Hazelwood are now under threat.

Hazelwood is Australia’s dirtiest power station. It’s responsible for almost 15 percent of Victoria’s and 3 percent of Australia’s greenhouse pollution on its own.

The Federal Government is currently in negotiations with the owners of Hazelwood and other polluting power stations to close down three of these big polluters. The negotiation deadline is 30 June – just five weeks away. But recent media reports suggest that the government might walk away from the negotiation table – leaving Hazelwood and other power stations polluting for decades to come.

Unless the government receives pressure from people across the country this crucial moment to Replace Hazelwood, cut pollution, and bring online clean renewable energy could be lost.

We know that Australians want to cut pollution and we need to show that people from across Australia want to Replace Hazelwood. That’s why we’ve teamed up with, one of the fastest growing campaign organisations in the world, to build a massive petition to tell our government to close the deal on Hazelwood.

Please sign this petition

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[edit] References

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