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The Sharehood is primarily a volunteer organisation who want Sharehood communities to operate everywhere in the world. They aim to become experts at helping people build communities and share resources.

The Sharehood website is a tool to help you meet your neighbours face-to-face and share things with them.

It's like a community noticeboard, with lots of bells and whistles. When you join the site, you are able to see the profiles of your nearest one hundred neighbours (or all those within a five minute walk, whichever is the greater), and the things they're willing to share. You can organise and stay informed about local events, check out the community book library, or even trade with your neighbours using our local currency, Samaras.

The search tool can be used to search for a ladder or whatever - results are returned ordered by distance from you.

The basic idea couldn't be simpler: it's an easy way to get to know your neighbours, share stuff and skills with them, and have fun.

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