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These are recent links on Climate emergency (from Delicious) that I have bookmarked:

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Extreme weather: it's about to get worse, say scientists
Global warming is leading to such severe storms, droughts and heatwaves that nations should prepare for an unprecedented onslaught of deadly and costly weather disasters, an international panel of climate scientists says in a new report. The greatest danger from extreme weather is in highly populated, poor regions of the world, the report warns, but no corner of the globe - from Mumbai to Miami - is immune. The document by a Nobel Prize-winning panel of climate scientists forecasts stronger tropical cyclones and more frequent heat waves, deluges and droughts. [?]
Gillard's response a climate clunker
THIS is an odd message from a government struggling to win credibility on climate policy. The horrific floods of the past month cannot be directly blamed on the increasing greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere - the La Nina over the Pacific is the primary culprit. But they are in line with what scientists have been warning is coming. As recently as November, the Queensland government released advice on how to plan for the greater flood risk due to extreme events linked to man-made climate change. [?]
Victorian Floods: Rainfall Records Broken | Victoria Floods 2011
Torrential rain across north and western Victoria last week shattered rainfall records in areas that are now battling to hold back raging floodwaters. "It just goes to show. When you get record-breaking rain you get record-breaking floods," said Rod Dickson, senior forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology. "There have been several places in the north west that have received record monthly rainfall, not only for January but for any month. It's been the wettest month on record." [?]
Freak weather brings misery to millions
MORE than 500 people died in mudslides and floods near Rio de Janeiro this week, with officials describing it as the worst disaster in Brazil's history. Officials in towns in the mountainous area counted 506 deaths, according to a compiled tally by news websites UOL and other major outlets. Leading broadcaster Globo News and UOL said the disaster in the Serrana region was the worst ever to hit Brazil, surpassing a 1967 mudslide calamity in the coastal town of Caraguatatuba in which 436 people perished. [?]
Drowning in a hothouse
Floods of this kind can't be beaten, only curtailed by serious, long-term solutions. AS A Queenslander by adoption, I have seen first-hand some of the flooding in the south-east. I feel great sympathy for the families and friends of those who have died or who are still missing in the Queensland floods. I also feel sorry for those who have lost possessions and face the prospect of a heart-breaking clean-up. [?]
Climate expert says more extreme weather likely - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Nobel prize-winning scientist David Karoly says Australia's current extreme weather is evidence of climate change. [?]
At least eight confirmed dead, 11 missing, as 'inland tsunami' hits Queensland towns
At least eight people have died in the latest wave of flooding in Queensland - described as an "inland tsunami" - and dozens more are missing. Others are stranded on rooftops waiting for rescues that could not start before first light today. [?]
Water shatters resources, farms, small business
FLOODWATERS have destroyed produce and farming equipment valued at more than $1.5 billion in south-east Queensland, and road repairs will cost at least the same, as the region braces for the start of the wet season. Ratings agency Moody's yesterday warned that the cost of worldwide steel production could double because of the floods that have closed several mines and damaged transport routes. Queensland supplies almost half the world's metallurgical coal, and prices have risen by $US50 a tonne since flooding started. [?]
James Lovelock: Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change | Environment | The Guardian
Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change from radically impacting on our lives over the coming decades. This is the stark conclusion of James Lovelock, the globally respected environmental thinker and independent scientist who developed the Gaia theory. [?]
Early butterflies linked to global warming - Green House -
Researchers say they have proven for the first time that man-made global warming is changing an animal's life-cycle. Butterflies are emerging in spring more than 10 days earlier than they did 65 years ago, and this shift is linked to climate change, reports a University of Melbourne-led study. "The work reveals for the first time, a causal link between increasing greenhouse gases, regional warming and the change in timing of a natural event," the Australian university said Wednesday about the findings. [?]

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