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These are articles on desalination that I have recently bookmarked.

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Water minister won't splash out on water from desal plant
Victoria's multi-billion dollar desalination plant will sit idle for another year after the Napthine Government decided not to order any water from it for the next financial year. Water Minister Peter Walsh said on Wednesday that with Melbourne's dams almost 74 per cent full, there was no reason to order extra water from the plant for 2013-14. [?]
Why are we behaving like water Wallys all over again?
THE garden tap creaks with the first turn, telling of internal workings long unused and neglected. Crank it a little more and then … nothing. Could it be so long that the water has forgotten how to flow? There's a shudder, and here it comes, coursing down the ageing hose, which slithers like a snake across the garden path. Hose fittings strain, springing pin leaks. [?]
Lib vow on desal water
VICTORIA'S multibillion-dollar desalination plant could be in mothballs for years with Water Minister Peter Walsh making it a personal goal never to order water from the plant that is costing Victorians almost $2 million a day. Mr Walsh told a Department of Sustainability and Environment young leaders event one of his key goals as Water Minister was to never order water from the Wonthaggi plant, which can produce up to 150 billion litres of drinking water a year. [?]
I did what they asked, Desalination Plant designer says, Wonthaggi
The boss of the company that is building the embattled Victorian desalination plant has defended cost-blow-outs for the controversial project, saying that he had simply done what he was asked to do by the state government. Jean-Louis Chausade, the chief executive of Suez Environment, has argued the plant's multi-billion dollar price tag was justified and that Melburnians would be grateful for the plant and its capacity the next time the state was in drought. The design was done to provide water to the full city of Melbourne in case of no rain during one year - which was not realistic ... The details why it was 150GL per year, I don't know [?]
Desal plant 'hiccup' is water torture for Baillieu
PAY close attention and you might notice a new phrase peppering Baillieu government press releases: ''decisive action''. The reason for the appearance of these two words is simple. The government's focus group research has found voters believe exactly the opposite to be true: the state government is seen as ''indecisive'' and ''inactive''. What to do? The hope is that if ministers keep telling the public the government is in fact taking ''decisive action'' something will eventually stick - even if only at a subconscious level. [?]
Melbourne Water in bill-bungle backflip | Desalination charge
The under-pressure Baillieu government has forced Melbourne Water to scrap a planned $88 price hike for Melbourne households as anger mounts at a billing bungle that has mistakenly slugged consumers millions of dollars. But questions have already arisen over a "backflip" that falls well short of giving back $306 million "over recovered" from Melbourne consumers at an average of $177 per household. The state opposition says Mr Baillieu, amid simmering party-room tensions over his leadership, has been forced to cobble together a quick-fix to take to parliament today. [?]
Melbourne Water scraps bill increase
Desal 'hiccup' hands over $118m Lib dividend
THE BAILLIEU government was collecting huge dividends from Melbourne Water at the same time as the water authority was overcharging Melbourne households. The dividend paid by Melbourne Water to the government jumped from $26 million in 2010-11 to $118 million this financial year, while the water authority was charging its customers an extra $306 million for the operation of the Wonthaggi desalination plant. [?]
Melbourne Water thinks again on bill refunds
MELBOURNE Water, facing a public outcry over its billing blunder, has declared it will reconsider its options for refunding millions of consumers the money they are currently being overcharged for their water. The state government-owned water agency and Premier Ted Baillieu endured a second day of pressure yesterday after it was revealed Melburnians would be mistakenly billed $306 million for the Wonthaggi desalination plant before it is finished. [?]
'Dear Melbourne Water, give me back my money'
A leading Melbourne QC says Melbourne Water has acted unlawfully and outrageously by refusing to repay immediately millions of its customers who have been overcharged for their water in a billing blunder. David Galbally, QC, has drafted a letter for customers to fill out and send to the state government-owned water agency demanding to know when they will be repaid their share of the $306 million mistakenly billed to customers for the Wonthaggi desalination plant before it was finished. [?]

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