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Windows 7 was released by Microsoft in July 2009. The operating system, designed for personal computers, includes some significant user interface changes to previous versions of Windows such as Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Some significant changes include:

  • The quick launch toolbar is removed - but you can still position launch icons for applications in the new taskbar.
  • The "Show desktop" icon that was in the quick launch toolbar - but you can access this feature by clicking on the vertical bar on the far right of the Taskbar, or by pressing "Win + D"
  • The folder view within Windows Explorer has been replaced by a more complicated panel which includes Favourites, Libraries, Computer, Network, Control Panel and Recycle Bin - but you can still access a folder view by clicking drive icons under Computer
  • a New folder button is now included in the menu bar of Windows Explorer
  • You can add frequently used folders to items under Libraries by right clicking on the desired Libary (e.g. Documents) and selecting Properties. You can then click on the Include a folder ... button and select a folder to include.

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