2011-2015 Victorian government scorecard

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The Liberal-National coalition government led by Premier Ted Baillieu was elected on 27 November 2010.

This article provides a summary of policy comparisons between the government and other parties on various issues.

Issue Baillieu Government Labor Greens
Cattle grazing in Alpine National Park Reintroduced as "trial to mitigate bushfire risk" Oppose Oppose
Grand prix at Albert Park Support, public money undisclosed Support, public money undisclosed Oppose
Desalination plant Support Support Oppose
Desalination plant contract disclosure Election promise, not yet delivered Oppose Support
Logging native forests Support Support Oppose
Logging water catchments Support Support Oppose
VicForests government commercial logging of native forests Support Review Oppose
North South pipeline Will not use Support Oppose
Bay dredging Support Support Oppose
Doncaster rail line Study in progress Oppose Support
Airport rail line Study in progress Oppose Support
More dams for Melbourne water supply Support Oppose Oppose
Myki ticket system Reviewed. Support. Support Unknown
Melbourne urban growth expansion[1] Support Support Oppose
Unlimited rights to religious organisations to discriminate[2] Support Oppose Oppose
HRL new coal-fired power station in Latrobe Valley[3] Support Support Oppose
Target 155 water restrictions for Melbourne[4] Scrapped Support Unknown
Regional Rail Link Reviewed. Support Support Unknown
Brown coal exports[5] Reviewing Abandoned Oppose
Public Transport Authority Election promise - not yet delivered Oppose Support
Tertiary education and training ombudsman[6] Election promise - not yet delivered Oppose Unknown
Teacher pay rates[7] "Best paid teachers in Australia" election promise - not delivered Oppose Unknown
Community workers pay rise[8] Election promise - not delivered Unknown Unknown
Bastion Point breakwater development[9] Reviewing Support Opppose
Use of speed cameras[10] Criticised usage during election campaign. Reviewing usage. Election promise to publish locations Support Unknown
Restrictions of wind farms[11] Legislation for objectors to block windfarms if they live within 2km Oppose Oppose
Government appointments for mates[12] Criticised in Opposition, support in Government Criticised in Opposition, support in Government Oppose
Coal seam gas exploration in Victoria[13] Support Unknown Oppose
Geothermal power plant construction at Gherang[14] Support Unknown Oppose
Expansion of Anglesea coal mine by 600 hectares[15] Support Support Oppose
Improved transparency in Government decision making[16] Election commitment, not yet delivered Opposed (when in Government). Support in Opposition Support.
Developer fast track through VCAT[17] Support Unknown Oppose
Firewood collection in National Parks[18] Support Oppose Oppose
Fees removed for firewood collection on public land[19] Support Unknown Oppose
Land development at Ventnor, Phillip Island[20] Support, then backflip Oppose Oppose
Carbon tax[21] Oppose Support Support
Single anti-corruption authority[22] Election promise, not yet delivered Oppose Unknown
Ministerial accountability and Code of Conduct[23][24] Promised in opposition, not honoured in government Ambiguous Support
Victorian state emission reduction targets[25] Targets changed to "aspirational" Committed Committed.


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