Aptera super fuel efficient vehicle

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Aptera vehicle
Aptera vehicle

California-based Aptera is building an innovative and inexpensive super fuel-efficient Typ-1 electric vehicle. A video test drive and design overview is available at the Popular Mechanics website. The goal is for the vehicle to travel 200km on a single lithium-phosphate pack charge for 2008.

According to the designers, the drag coefficient of his two-seater Typ-1e is a mere 0.15, about the same as the sideview mirror on a conventional car. Compare that to 0.26 for the Toyota Prius or more than 0.40 for today’s SUVs.[1]

Two models are planned:

  • all electric
  • an advanced hybrid getting 100km per litre (300 mpg), planned for 2009.100% Electric Aptera Unveiled » MetaEfficient Reviews

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