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[[Category:Sustainable buildings]] [[Category:Sustainable buildings]]
-'''0-co2 ARCHITETTURA SOSTENIBILE ''' is an Italian architecture firm with a specialty in Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building Design. 
-The architect Bart Conterio, founder/owner of architectural firm,has developed expertise in the fields of bioclimatic architecture, eco-architecture, passive and low energy architecture, historic preservation, sustainable restoration and retrofit buildings with energy efficiency improvements.  
-==Contact details== 
-0-co2 ARCHITETTURA SOSTENIBILE- Bart Conterio architetto<br/> 
-via di Leuca 94/c Lecce-ITALY 73100<br/> 
-p: +39 0832 342131 | f: +39 0832 365521<br/> 
-[email protected]<br/> 
-Bart Conterio mobile: 347 2380751 
-==External links== 
-[ ARCHITETTURA SOSTENIBILE Bart Conterio architetto] 

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Architects for sustainable house projects.

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