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Many communities are taking local action to embrace green living and care for the environment. This article provides some examples.


  • Bayside Climate Change Action Group -- formed by parents in the Bayside area, the group goals are to provide a collective voice for Bayside residents for both families and individuals determined to fight for a clean energy future.
  • Families Facing Climate Change is a group based in Ashburton, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Lighter footprints is a climate change neighbourhood action group active in Surrey Hills and adjacent suburbs, Melbourne, Victoria
  • Friends of South Surrey Park are working on re-establishing native plants in Melbourne's South Surrey Park.
  • -- L.I.V.E. is an acronym for Locals Into Victoria’s Environment, a fast-growing group of around 200 hundred concerned Victorians who are coming together to address the threat of global warming. The organization is independent, non-partisan and non-profit and is based in Melbourne’s City of Port Phillip.
  • Permablitz is a group activity to get people together and have fun learning about, designing and implementing suburban permaculture systems. The focus is edible gardens, and our ultimate aim is to make the suburbs edible enough such that should food become unaffordable, we don’t even notice.
  • Your Water Your Say -- Action group of families and individuals concerned that the future water provision in Victoria is achieved through environmentally sustanible means. We have all been working relentlessly to establish the groundwork for our anti-desalination campaign.

United Kingdom

  • Totnes is the UK's first town exploring how to prepare for a carbon constrained, energy lean world.
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