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Sustainable Living Calendar - free online calendar which highlights events and activities across Australia which educate, promote and celebrate sustainable living.

Climate emergency rally & human sign - 1PM Saturday July 5, Melbourne, Australia

  • When: 1PM Saturday July 5
  • Where: City Square corner Swanston & Collins St Melbourne


YES to renewable energy, public transport & urgent action to stop global warming

We are calling for Victorians to join the Climate Emergency Rally on July 5. We want to send a wake-up call to state and federal governments that they are heading in the wrong direction. New coal, new freeways and desalination plants increase our use of and reliance on fossil fuels dramatically at a time when we must be cutting our use even more dramatically. We are calling on governments to implement sustainable alternatives to these irresponsible and expensive projects.

We call on all community groups and individuals to join us to send this important message to the government. We are going to form a 140-metre-long human sign to spell the words "Climate Emergency". Please organise your group to send endorsement, tell everyone you know, and come on the day wearing something red to symbolise emergency"

More details:

Bright sustainable garden and lifestyle expo - Saturday, October 25 2008

  • Time: 9.00am to 1.00pm
  • Where: Burke Street, Bright

The Bright Sustainable Expo is part of the highly successful Bright Spring Festival. The Expo will feature exhibits on local flora and fauna, water conservation, worm farming and a range of sustainable building materials, products and designers. A key noter speaker and guest speakers will be an extra attraction.

Dwell on Design - Los Angeles June 5-8, 2008

Conference, June 5-6 (Register ONLINE BEFORE MAY 24)

What happens when Dwell editors drive the agenda? A roster of more than 50 incredibly talented and diverse speakers ranging from legislators to practitioners to activists, discussing everything from urban gardening to a mandated LEED program for LA. The conference follows two parallel tracks but we encourage you to veer from the linear and sign up for any panel that sparks your interest.

Exhibition, June 6-8 (Register ONLINE BEFORE MAY 15 - save 50%)

Everything you ever wanted to know about modern design in one very big place: 200+ exhibitors, an entire neighborhood of full-scale pre-fab strcutures completely landscaped and furnished by Dwell. Plus you'll get hands-on, actionable advice and information from architects, designers and other trade professionals.

Home Tours, June 7-8 (Register Now! SPACE IS LIMITED)

Get out of the ivory tower and into some real homes. We’ve set aside Saturday for single-family dwellings on the Westside and Sunday for urban dwellings downtown.

Why Attend?

  • One-on-One with the most innovative minds in design.
  • Meet the people who are moving and shaking the industry.
  • Experience 55,000 square feet of ideas with over 200 exhibits.
  • Chat up Dwell editors.
  • Visit a pre-fab community complete with furniture and landscaping.
  • Leave inspired and motivated to be at home in the modern world!

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