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The Dandenong Ranges Renewable Energy Association (DRREA) is a not for profit, not politically aligned community group. It was formed in September 2007.

Public meetings were held in Upwey and Emerald (Victoria) to gauge interest in an association to promote renewable energy. Membership quickly grew to more than 90.

Emerald Primary School was keen to have a solar power system, to add to their extensive program in sustainability. So the Association and the School began working together to achieve this, as the first project of the Association.

As a result, a 2.9 kilowatt, grid interactive, solar power system was installed on the School roof in February 2008.

Since then other projects have been initiated.


  1. To initiate community based renewable energy projects, in the Dandenong Ranges and adjoining areas.
  2. To promote the innovative application of renewable energy technologies.
  3. To provide opportunities to invest in renewable energy projects which deliver environmental and educational benefits to the community
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