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=== Community groups and activities === === Community groups and activities ===
-* [ Permablitz] is a group activity to get people together and have fun learning about, designing and implementing suburban permaculture systems. Our focus is edible gardens, and our ultimate aim is to make the suburbs edible enough such that should food become unaffordable, we don’t even notice.+* [ Permablitz] is a group activity to get people together and have fun learning about, designing and implementing suburban permaculture systems. The focus is edible gardens, and our ultimate aim is to make the suburbs edible enough such that should food become unaffordable, we don’t even notice.
=== News and blogs === === News and blogs ===

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This directory contains information sources on various topics and businesses related to sustainable housing . Please add either external links or links to relevant Greenlivingpedia articles.

See Community action for information on local community action groups.


Information and businesses by country


  • Alternative Fuels and Energy develops and promote renewable energy solutions. They welcome partnerships with individuals, companies, educational and government bodies with the same vision. AFE’s core technology is the the Sun Lizard suite of products for heating and cooling buildings.
  • Apricus is a manufacturer of solar water heaters (solar collectors) using evacuated tube and heat pipe technology, solar controllers and a wide range of accessories for solar thermal installations. Apricus products are designed for use in both domestic and commercial applications providing hot water, space heating and even air-conditioning (cooling).
  • Alternative Technology Association - Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisation, promoting sustainable technology and practice to protect the environment.
  • is an Australian site that aims to be Australia's most comprehensive "Green" resource.
  • Cundall provide ESD sustainability consulting and green building services engineering. Driven by the consideration of people, design, environment and technology, Cundall have proven that "going green" and commercial pragmatism can happily coexist.
  • The EcoShop online eco shop with links to information resources
  • Earth Garden magazine is Australia's original magazine about sustainable living with country and city alternatives, now in its 33rd year
  • Earth garden favourite Links -- renewable energy, RAP installers, owner building, earth and straw building, permaculture and organic gardening, waste management, ethical investment, green organisations, ecoproperty, eco products
  • Ecospecifier is a knowledge base of well over 3000 environmentally preferable products, materials, technologies and resources. Designed to help designers, builders, consultants and those looking to deliver a best practice design, ecospecifier can help reduce environmental impacts and create healthier and more productive living and working environments
  • ECO-Buy is a program that supports local government and businesses in purchasing environmentally friendly products.
  • Energy Matters -- is as a web-based retail store for renewable energy products. They also offer design, consulting and installation services. The business is operated by a team of experienced renewable energy installers and technology based professionals.
  • The Greendirectory - Australian online eco directory
  • Warming: Cool It An Australian Government home guide to reducing energy costs and greenhouse gases.
  • Green living, Greenpeace Australia
  • Australian Greenhouse Office
  • Green Roofs for Healthy Australian Cities is a membership organisation with an elected committee that draws together the various governmental, organisational and businesses groups and individuals interested in being kept informed about green roof science. technology, practice, regulations, specifications.
  • Green Building Council of Australia's mission is to develop a sustainable property industry for Australia and drive the adoption of green building practices through market-based solutions.
  • Green Makeover provides services such as a Green Makeover Home Assessment, and can arrange the installation of solar electricity, solar water heaters, rainwater tanks, grey water recycling and other products at competitive prices.
  • National Sustainable House Day - Visit hundreds of open houses across Australia and New Zealand and find out how to make your house cheaper to run, more comfortable to live in and better for the environment.
  • Sustainable Gardening Australia offers free sustainable gardening advice. Their principle purpose is:
    • the protection and enhancement of the natural environment to ensure its sustainability
    • the provision of information or education, or the carrying on of research about the national environment and the practices of Sustainable Gardening.
  • Sustainable Living Foundation is a community based not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting, celebrating and practicing principles of sustainable living.
  • Your Home Design Guide, includes Your Home Consumer Guide, Technical Manual and Sanctuary Magazine. Several house case studies are also available. A joint initiative of the Australian Government and the design and construction industries. A hardcopy book and DVD is also available.


  • Accredited photovoltaic installers, Sustainability Victoria
  • Greenlink Box Hill -- Local plants for local places.
  • Environment Victoria -- Victoria's peak non-government environment organisation, campaigning across Victoria for more than 30 years.
  • Going Solar -- provides innovative solutions for integrating PV solar power modules into buildings.
  • Building and renovating sustainably -- Sustainability Victoria, Victorian Government, how you can be energy and water efficient in all aspects of your project.
  • The Environment Shop -- Australian owned and operated business specializing in the sale of products that provide an environmental benefit.
  • Peter Bennetts Photographer -- featuring photographs of many spectacular commercial and residential sustainable buildings
  • PJT Green Plumbing -- environmental plumbing solutions ""Providing Water Saving Solutions"
  • Selectronic Australia Pty Ltd -- is a wholly Australian owned company that has a Melbourne-based production facility where it designs and manufactures a range of high quality sine wave power inverters for Australian and overseas markets.
  • RJM Sunpower -- specialists in designing, supplying and installing renewable energy systems for rural and urban locations.
  • Solar Charge -- Renewable energy solutions provider
  • Scarab Solutions -- Provides advice on environmentally sustainable technology to suit your home and budget
  • Sunpower Design - over 25 years experience specialising in integrated sustainable building design of homes that exceed the 5 star energy performance rating.
  • Solazone -- solar specialists in renewable energy, including retail sales & installation
  • Wren Industries -- makes of concertina foil bats and Renshade aluminium foil holland blinds for windows.
  • Zen Architects

Western Australia

  • Solar Dwellings -- passive solar energy efficient homes designer in Perth.
  • Sustainable Consulting -- Perth-based consulting firm established in 2001 to help progress the sustainability agenda in Western Australia and beyond.
  • Sustainable Living WA -- provides information from Western Australian Government agencies and other sources on sustainable living in Western Australia.


  • Sustainable Living QLD -- Queensland Government information on sustainable living and building.
  • SALA Homes -- specialises in the supply of affordable and sustainable housing in pre-packaged format anywhere in the world.
  • Living Smart -- linking Sunshine Coast consumers with eco businesses and providing information and resources on how to be a bit 'greener'. This is a partnership between Noosa Shire Council, the Regional Futures Network (RFN), and the Community Sector Board for the Environment.

New South Wales and ACT

  • The Institute for Sustainable Futures -- Based in Sydney, Australia
  • Michael Mobbs Sustainable Projects -- design, consulting and speaking services.
  • Geo Air Services -- Sydney-based company dedicated to helping home owners cool and heat their homes efficiently, and with less power than conventional air conditioning
  • Solartec Electrical Services --Phillip May and Sophia Moody of Solartec Electrical Services utilise 10 years experience living on solar to provide a friendly and quality service for supply, design, installation, maintenance, and all electrical work in Canberra, ACT Region, NSW South Coast, Snowy Mountains, Southern & Central NSW.
  • Planetec Electrical Pty Ltd can supply and install a 1 kw 6 panel solar system for only $7300.00. Planetec is fully accredited with the Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy and is responsible for the installation of over 100 solar systems in NSW.

Northern Territory

South Australia

  • Natural Technology Systems -- is a leader in the assessment, design, sourcing and commissioning of solar electric power systems and minimum impact sanitation installations.


  • Sustainable Living Tasmania -- community resource and education centre to provide a for the protection and restoration of the natural environment and the development of homes and cities for a sustainable future.
  • Core Collective -- is committed to the production of innovative architecture grounded in a sensitivity for its environmental, social, cultural and economic context.

United States

  • Green Home Building
  • Building Living Neighborhoods
  • TheGreenerHome -- Sustainable Living Resource for Western North Carolina
  • LA Green Living
  • America -- Economic Action for a Just Planet
  • Architecture for humanity -- charitable organisation promoting architectural and design solutions to global, social and humanitarian crises.
  • is an independent company committed to providing accurate, unbiased, and timely information designed to help building-industry professionals and policy makers improve the environmental performance, and reduce the adverse impacts of buildings.
  • Greenopia is The Urban Dweller's Guide to Green Living, a one-stop guide for living green locally, focussing on Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Listings of high-quality goods and services to suit your lifestyle and offer tips for you to green your life
  • think green building believe that good buildings unite specific people with a specific spot on the planet to the benefit of both. Through teaching, writing, consulting, designing, trouble shooting, and building, they dedicated to helping create good buildings.


  • SCHOTT AG -- is one of the leading solar industry companies worldwide, offering a wide range of future-oriented products and solutions for almost all photovoltaic and solar thermal applications.

Great Britain

  • GreenLiving Techniques and Technologies for Sustainable Living. A website about positive lifestyle choices.
  • The BRE Group is a world leading research, consultancy, training, testing and certification organisation delivering sustainability and innovation across the built environment and beyond.

General information and topics

Community groups and activities

  • Permablitz is a group activity to get people together and have fun learning about, designing and implementing suburban permaculture systems. The focus is edible gardens, and our ultimate aim is to make the suburbs edible enough such that should food become unaffordable, we don’t even notice.

News and blogs

Climate change links


  • Appropedia is focused reducing poverty through international development and increasing sustainability through the use of appropriate technology
  • Technology and Social Action Wiki was established to foster dialogue and collaboration between activists in social movements, voluntary and community organisations and technology designers.
  • Howtopedia is a collaborative platform for practical knowledge and simple technologies that are easily explainable and usable by individuals or small communities for a sustainable and ecological future.
  • TipThePlanet is a green wiki website that encourages discussion and the generation of tips that benefit you and the planet - from tips for individuals to tips for multi-national companies on how to limit their carbon footprints.
  • PermaWiki is a free permaculture designers manual that anyone can edit
  • SolaRoof Open Eco Wiki's goal is to transform our homes and communities through an Open Source initiative for Sustainable Living
  • Sustainable Community Action - a wiki for anyone interested in sustainability or any aspect of it, but especially ordinary people and community groups. We seek to link up community and personal action for sustainability worldwide. SCA WikiNode (reciprocal link under 'Sustainable Housing', also put link on our Australia page)
  • Sustainapedia is a wiki about about clean technologies hosted by Wikia
  • The Coastal Portal wiki
  • Climate and Conservation wiki
  • Green Architecture on the Grand Rapids Public Library wiki

Note: Village Earth's Appropriate Technology Wiki Project has merged with Appropedia .


  • Oil Depletion Protocol is an international agreement that will enable nations of the world to cooperatively reduce their dependence on oil.
  • -- information about clean power, polluting power, energy efficiency, climate change, oil peak, politics, energy efficient homes and transport solutions.
  • Renew News -- is a community-based resource about Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable Buildings -- The Climate Group: Low Carbon Solutions. Details of efforts and case studies by both by businesses and governments to increase/optimise the energy efficiency or reduce the energy use of buildings so that greenhouse gas emissions through building-lifetime are decreased.

Wikipedia articles


See the Products page for information on renewable energy and sustainable building products.

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