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This directory contains information sources on various topics and businesses.

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  • Sunpower Design - over 25 years experience specialising in integrated sustainable building design of homes that exceed the 5 star energy performance rating.

Western Australia

  • Solar Dwellings - passive solar energy efficient homes designer in Perth.


New South Wales

Northern Territory

South Australia


United States


  • Appropedia is focused reducing poverty through international development and increasing sustainability through the use of appropriate technology
  • Technology and Social Action Wiki was established to foster dialogue and collaboration between activists in social movements, voluntary and community organisations and technology designers.
  • Howtopedia is a collaborative platform for practical knowledge and simple technologies that require no complex machine, that are easily explainable and usable by individuals or small communities for a sustainable an and ecological future.
  • Village Earth's Appropriate Technology Wiki Project aims to improve the development of and access to information on small-scale do-it-yourself technologies through an open design approach.
  • TipThePlanet is a green wiki website that encourages discussion and the generation of tips that benefit you and the planet - from tips for individuals about staying happy and healthy to tips for multi-national companies on how to limit their carbon footprints.
  • PermaWiki is a free permaculture designers manual that anyone can edit


General topics

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