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(New page: Hello fellow 'Green' action enthusiasts! '''Going Green Expo 2008''' - Opening World Environment Day (for those of you who don't instantly recall this date, its June 5) is an initiative ...)
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Hello fellow 'Green' action enthusiasts!

Going Green Expo 2008 - Opening World Environment Day (for those of you who don't instantly recall this date, its June 5) is an initiative I created with an intention to move the current and rapidly exploding mainstream wave of consciousness and interest in environmental issues and all things green into action!

Based on the time honoured green terminolgy, Think Globally, Act Locally! the show is a mix of education based free seminar streams in an easy to understand 'How To' and case study 'How We Did It'format; together with a showcase of products and solutions being displayed that arm the now fired up and newly created corporate or household eco-warrior with the ammunition to give their best shot at reducing environmental impacts, their footprint and contributing to saving the planet!

Most importantly it demonstrates how you can do relatively simple and cost effective, even cost saving environmentally responsible things at home and in your business to immediately reduce environmental impacts in your local suburb, town and city which will have a collective impact across Australia and around the globe.

A simple enough task one would have thought; particuarly considering my 25 plus years of experience in exhibition creation and mangement both here in Australia and overseas!

But, despite the fact that we are well on track to staging a highly credible 'green' industry event and networking forum in 6 weeks time(and make no mistake it is now an industry, allbeit virgining and evolving!) the complexity and politics involved in this arena astound me and to some degree stifle the best outcome for what should be embraced as the most important focus for all of us in this century if we are to continue to enjoy life on this planet!!

I have embarked on what I consider to be the most important project of my carreer and commenced a complex journey which started as a good idea to simply create the best forum (face to face exchange of information and ideas)to encourage all of us to do what has been scientifically proven as absolutely necessary to curtail or reverse the past environmental damage done.

Going Green Expo will suprise you with new products and solutions to stop your environmental rot and replace traditional consumer nasties with environmental friendlies that can now save you money and don't cost the environment!

Visit: www.goinggreenexpo.com.au

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