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Enjoy Being Green

Make your green choices ones you enjoy. These are the choices that you will stick with and that will make you happier. Don’t make choices that you don’t enjoy - unless you happen to have the personality that enjoys penance. And you will probably find that you don’t stick with them. Worse, you will associate green choices with discomfort and may avoid trying other green choices.

For example, if your favourite drink is imported and you want reduce the food miles and carbon footprint of your diet, don’t tell yourself you can never have it. Instead find a compromise that works for you - such as two times out of three I will buy a local product, but on the third time I’ll treat myself to the imported product. You may stay loyal to your imported choice or you might find your loyalty shifts to the local product, but this way you’ve cut the carbon footprint of your choice two times out of three rather than not at all.

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