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Interesting facts on green topics.

Extreme weather attributed to climate change was experienced in Melbourne, Australia in 2009

Melbourne experienced:

  • its hottest November on record with the city's average maximum temperature of 27.6 degrees to Saturday 28/11, besting the 1862 record of 25.5 degrees for the whole of November.
  • 10 consecutive days over 30 degrees at the start of the month set the pattern for the monthly record to fall.
  • November rainfall was 90.2 millimetres, well above the monthly average of 59.7 millimetres and the wettest November since 2004.

Senior weather bureau forecaster Terry Ryan said it was unusual to have the combination of the hottest November and above-average rainfall. "This is another statistic that says the Earth appears to be getting warmer," he said.[1]

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