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Image:CH2 exterior.jpg|133px|thumb|CH2 building Image:CH2 exterior.jpg|133px|thumb|CH2 building
default [[CH2 building]] default [[CH2 building]]
 +desc none
 +| <imagemap>
 +Image:Knoxfield house.jpg|260px|thumb|Knoxfield house
 +default [[Knoxfield house]]
 +desc none
 +| <imagemap>
 +Image:West Brunswick solar panels.jpg|120px|thumb|Brunswick West house
 +default [[Brunswick West house]]
desc none desc none
</imagemap> </imagemap>

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Surrey Hills house.
Surrey Hills house.
CH2 building
CH2 building
Knoxfield house
Knoxfield house
Brunswick West house
Brunswick West house


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Green technologies, products and buildings.
Green technologies, products and buildings.
Dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.
Dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream.
Tools, models and ideas for building a better future.
Tools, models and ideas for building a better future.

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