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Greenpower is renewable energy sourced from the sun, the wind, water and waste.

Greenpower in Australia

In Australia, more than 645,000 households and businesses buy GreenPower, which is regarded by many as part of the solution to climate change. Switching to GreenPower is an investment - the more households and workplaces that make the switch, the bigger the return for the environment.

GreenPower is a national accreditation program that sets stringent environmental and reporting standards for renewable electricity products offered by energy suppliers to households and businesses across Australia. GreenPower aims to increase Australia’s capacity to produce environmentally friendly renewable electricity by driving demand for alternative energy generation.

  • GreenPower’s residential and business customers in Australia have already contributed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking one million cars off the roads since its introduction in 1997.
  • Since 1997, more than 724,000 residential and commercial customers Australia wide have contributed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by buying GreenPower, resulting in savings of over 4.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Green power compared with solar panels

Many people ask the question "which is the more effective (or cost effective) means of reducing my carbon emissions - buying green power or installing solar panels on my house?". The following table lists advantages and disadvantages of both approaches.

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