Greywater system

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Every week, thousands of litres of water go down the drains and into the sewer in most homes, water that can safely and easily be used to water your garden, saving both water and dollars. While a rain water tank can simply run dry in a long, dry summer, a greywater system can provide reliable all-year water to your garden.

Greywater systems fall into 2 basic categories: Diversion Systems and Processing Systems.

A Greywater Diversion system takes the greywater and delivers it directly to the garden. These are generally simple, efficient and reliable systems to keep your garden heatly all year. Untreated greywater must be dispersed withing 24 hours and cannot be stored any longer.

A greywater processing system will process the water to a state where it can be stored for extended periods and used in a wider variety of application.

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