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Research into house sizes across the world has shown that in 2009 Australians had the largest floor area per person and the largest increase in house sizes.[1]


Comparison of new house sizes across the world

Country House size (m²)
Australia 214.6
United States 201.5
New Zealand 196.2
Denmark 137.0
Greece 126.4
Belgium 119.0
Netherlands 115.5
France 112.5
Germany 109.2
Luxembourg 104.1
Spain 96.6
Austria 96.0
Ireland 87.7
Finland 87.1
Sweden 83.0
Portugal 82.2
Italy 81.5
United Kingdom 76

House sizes across Australia

The average floor area of new homes in Australia hit a record 214.6 square metres in the 2008 financial year. The average floor area of new free-standing houses was also at a record high of 245.3 square metres, up 4.4 per cent over the past five years.

Victoria has Australia's biggest homes (224.5 square metres), followed by Western Australia, Queensland, Northern Territory, NSW, Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT.

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