Kancoona house

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The Kancoona house is a stone dwelling in Victoria's north east that has a standalone energy system using solar, micro hydro and LPG gas backup systems.

Owners Brendan O'Leary and Catherine Upcher
Location Kancoona South
Country Australia
Type New dwelling, owner built
House size Medium - 22 squares

Summary of house features

  • Passive solar design
  • Micro hydro power generation
  • Solar panels and batteries
  • Solar hot water
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Low power appliances, no airconditioner
  • Wood fired combustion stove with hot water jacket
  • LPG stove and fridge backup
  • Septic tank
  • Permaculture and native gardens
  • Internal rammed earth walls

The mini-hydro system in a nearby creek combined with solar panels generates enough electricity to make them self-sufficient for electricity. Local stone was used the build the house. The house cost around $30,000 to build, $10,000 to fit out and $15,000 for the energy-saving system.

Their poultry is guarded by three Maremma Italian mountain dogs.


  • Ownwer designers and builders: Brendan O'Leary and Catherine Upcher


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