Millerton round house

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Image:Millerton roundhouse.jpg

Energy efficiency

The house is 60% more energy efficient than comparable homes

  • House electricity consumption averages 210KW/month
  • The average for NY is 705KW (data provided by Energy Information Administration (DOE))
  • Solar panels produce 450KW/month
Owners <name.
Location Millerton, New York State
Country United States
Type New construction
House size Medium
Owner contact yosh @ yschulman . org

  • 100% PVC free
  • 100% compact flurescent lighting fixtures
  • Round Design
  • Roof structure pitch to allow insulation to extend over exterior wall joint
  • Southern Exposure used for Passive Solar Heating
  • Solar Panel Array to generate 100%+ electricity needs
  • Reclaimed floor tiles
  • Reclaimed sinks, doors and shower basin
  • Dual Flush Toilets
  • Low flow shower heads
  • Highest Rated Energy Efficient Marvin Integrity Windows, Argon filled, low-e
  • Copper piping throughout the house
  • Timers on outside lights
  • Each rooms is separate heating zone
  • Canister flourescent lighting
  • Reclaimed wood paneling scraps used for closet ceilings
  • Advanced Framing techniques reduced framing wood need by 30%
  • Reclaimed carpet padding and carpet found on


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