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This products directory provides links to products for sustainable building and green living.


Renewable energy products

  • Apricus solar water heaters use evacuated tube and heat pipe technology to absorb thermal energy from the sun and convert it into usable heat. The heat is normally absorbed by water, or a freeze-resistant water mix, which can then be used to supplement hot water heating, space heating and even space cooling via use of an absorption chiller or dessicant cooler technology.
  • Renshade perforated aluminium foil screens fitted inside windows can dramatically reduce room temperatures. The foil screen is simply cut to size using scissors then fixed with Velcro buttons. The manufacturer claims that the screens stop approximately 85% of all inward high temperature radiation.

Water related products

Smartflo gutters

Smartflo gutter
Smartflo gutter

Ecosac bladder water storage system

Ecosac bladder
Ecosac bladder
  • eco sac water storage- a revolutionary, new flexible rainwater bladder storage system that hides away under decks or floors making it much more discrete than traditional water tanks.

Greywater gator system

Greywater gator
Greywater gator
  • Greywater Gator -- system for capturing and pumping out greywater (but not treating it).
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