Queensland 500 megawatt virtual solar power station

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The Queensland 500 megawatt virtual solar power station is a state government initiative to create a virtual power solar station over five years. The project commenced in April 2010 and has a goal to double Queensland's solar energy.[1]

Queensland residents and businesses have been requested to help build the virtual power station by installing solar panels or solar hot water systems.

The project is open to families, kindergartens, schools, businesses, community groups, country towns and even whole cities.


[edit] Benefits

By tapping into solar, households and businesses are using less electricity from the grid, as their solar panels are generating clean, green energy from the sun.

By installing solar money is saved by reduced electricity bills, while also protecting the environment.

Installing solar hot water could save you to $250 on a domestic electricity bill per year, while installing a 1.5 kilowatt solar power system could save around $400 for electricity bills, just by using less electricity from the grid.

Those who sign up to the Solar Bonus Scheme you would also receive payments for exporting excess electricity (generated from the solar panels) back to the grid, meaning these savings could be even higher.

As well as making significant savings on electricity bills, installing solar panels or solar hot water can help reduce carbon footprints on average by two tonnes a year. That's a massive benefit for our environment.

[edit] Performance calculations

The electricity generated by solar panels and displaced by solar hot water systems and major solar installations across Queensland will be added together to show progress towards meeting the target.

At the start of our campaign in April 2010, Queensland was estimated to have around 250 megawatts of solar power installed. This represents approximately 180,000 household solar hot water systems and the equivalent of 23 000 small-scale (1.5 kilowatt) solar power systems.

Every time a house, business or government building installs solar, this figure will increase.

All solar installations including larger projects will contribute to the target as we work with industry to bring these initiatives to life.

[edit] Calculating contributions

The amount of electricity your solar panels or hot water system will contribute depends on the size of the system.

For example:

  • 665 households each with a 1.5 kilowatt solar power system will contribute one megawatt to the virtual solar power station.
  • Every 833 average-sized household solar hot water systems* will contribute around one megawatt towards the target.
  • Average sized system defined as one that is eligible for 30 Renewable Energy Certificates.

[edit] References

  1. Help build a 500 megawatt virtual solar power station for Queensland
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