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Smart power meters can greately assist households and business to monitor and reduce their use of power by providing price and consumption information.

In early 2008 in Australia, the Victorian goverment has ruled that new meter boxes are to communicate with in-house display units to show householders in real time how much electricity they are using and how much they are paying for it. The information allows people to see the effects of running energy-hungry appliances such as dishwashers, clothes driers and irons off-peak when tariffs are lower. However the in house display units are not currently part of the initial roll out of the new meters.

A range of other services can be piggybacked on the meters, including sophisticated networks to automatically manage household appliances, security monitoring, fault identification and remote meter reading.


Possible negatives with smart meters

  • It is also possible for advertising to be transmitted via smart meters.
  • Energy companies can gather information on the habits of individual households and local areas.

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