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The St Kilda Ecohouse was a project of the St Kilda Ecocentre. The goals were to transform the house and garden on the corner of the St Kilda Botanical Gardens into a model sustainable building to provide education and inspiration to the wider community, acting as a seed for further change. An existing brick house was redesigned and refitted with sustainable features, including:

  • water harvesting, conserving and recycling achieving zero discharge from the residential site (including the majority of storm water)
  • energy saving features, including:
    • Passive solar design
    • Active solar technologies
    • Energy efficiency
    • Embodied energy savings
  • use of non-toxic, recycled and local materials.

The house promotes sound living practices, and provides a pleasant and nourishing living environment.

Location St Kilda Botanical Gardens
Street Cnr Herbert and Blessington Streets, St Kilda
Melway ref 58 B11
Country Australia
Type Residential
House size Medium
Contact City of Melbourne
Phone +613 9534 0670
Fax +613 9525 3312
Email [email protected]

Summary of house features

  • Passive solar design
  • Solar panels, grid interactive and batteries
  • Solar hot water
  • Rainwater tanks
  • Low power appliances
  • Double glazed windows


  • Principle Architect: Peter Ho, PHOOHY ARCHITECTURE
  • Builder: Duncan Hall, Green House Sustainable Building Systems P/L
  • Project Coordinator 2000-2003: Peter Barker
  • Landscape Architect: Martin Reeves

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