The Australian Green Roof Inventory

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What's going on up there? An Australian green roof inventory

As the number of Australian green roofs continue to grow, some very important questions remain unanswered. This is potentially hampering the success of both current and future projects. Just how many green roofs are there? Where are they located? What are some of the products they have used? To date, no comprehensive inventory of Australian Green roofs exists. However, steps are being made to address this.

The Australian Green Roof Inventory is project is being conducted as a University of Melbourne Masters research project in collaboration with Green Roofs Australia. The project aims to construct a detailed, meaningful and comprehensive inventory of green roof projects throughout Australia. Collected data will then be used to build a database and conduct an analysis of industry trends. This will be a publically available resource that could be continually updated and expanded; addressing a current knowledge gap for the horticultural industry green roof professionals and researchers.

Building such an inventory is no small task. As such the project team is requesting some help. It is seeking those who can identify locations and provide data about green roof projects they may have worked on or are familiar with.

To make gathering this information simple and time efficient the project team has compiled a web-based questionnaire. The questionnaire will gather the basic information about the green roof project, but also allows for more detailed responses.

The questionnaire can be taken by following the below link-

The inventory will be compiled by Master’s student Lachlan Yourn, with supervision from leading green roof academics Nicholas Williams and John Rayner.

For any project questions, inquiries or technical difficulties please contact-

Lachlan Yourn [email protected]

Nicholas Williams [email protected]

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