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Thermoshield Australia are specialists in the manufacture of liquid thermal insulation coatings. Thermoshield also produces a range of water proofing membranes, exterior paints, render and wet texture coatings.

Founded in 1997, Thermoshield Australia has built a reputation of honesty and integrity that is well-known in local and overseas circles. Operations have grown rapidly due to quality application and outstanding product performance. All products have been extensively tested and successfully applied over the past 10 years.

Thermoshield is a Victorian based company, with contractual and retail sales history. We currently have distributors in Dubai, Malaysia, Iraq, India and here in Australia (Victoria and Queensland), with the possibility of opening up in other states soon.


  • Thermoshield insulation has an independently tested R value of 6.3
  • GECA
  • GBCA
  • 90% done on ISO 14025
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