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These are recent links on 2009 Victorian bushfires (from Delicious) that I have bookmarked:

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Signs of confusion, life saving or face saving?
FOR such little signs, they have caused a lot of confusion. Their purpose is to save your life in a bushfire - yet they make no reference to bushfires. They begin with a three-letter abbreviation. They end with four words in small type. Residents say they're baffling. According to the local council, they were designed by the state government. According to the state government, they were designed by the local council. [?]
Black Saturday area risks future fires: study - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Black Saturday area risks future fires: study Posted August 25, 2011 07:28:13 A new study has found the young regrowth planted in areas like Marysville north-east of Melbourne is far more flammable than the bush it has replaced [?]
The Wilderness Society calls for CW for Black Saturday wood export investigation | Herald Sun
THOUSANDS of tonnes of wood salvaged from the Black Saturday bushfires has been sent to China in breach of a government contract, it has been revealed. The Wilderness Society has called on Ombudsman George Brouwer to investigate after VicForests confirmed a private company, Pinex Logging, had breached a contract to process the logs locally to protect jobs in the Victorian timber industry. [?]
State blamed for bushfires
THE power company at the heart of Victoria's biggest class action is blaming three government departments for the deadly bushfires of Black Saturday, dragging taxpayers into a long and expensive legal battle. If the company's tactic is successful, the government could be found liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in damages payments to victims. [?]
Brumby plays fast and loose
Premier John Brumby wore a yellow ribbon to media appearances last week where he rejected the two big-ticket items recommended by the Bushfires Royal Commission. Victoria will not buy back houses in areas of extreme bushfire danger, nor will the state replace its ageing powerlines with technology that would prevent them sparking fires. [?]
Sparks to fly as Baillieu launches fire front
TED Baillieu is moving to make Black Saturday a political turning point, accusing John Brumby of failing to protect Victorians before and since the fires that killed 173 people. In an explosive speech to Parliament today, the Opposition Leader will accuse the Premier of feeding people ''a diet of lies, spin, exaggerations and fear'' since the Bushfires Royal Commission's damning final report, in a bid to ''conceal a culture of incompetence, failure and inaction''. Ensuring bushfire safety will be a key battleground in November's state election, Mr Baillieu will use a special parliamentary debate on Black Saturday to brand Mr Brumby an irresponsible and reprehensible leader who has ''failed us all''. [?]
Electricity grid needs upgrade to protect life
ELECTRICITY failures sparked five of the Black Saturday fires, including the Kilmore blaze that killed 119 people, and the system needed urgent upgrading, the report said. Power companies have previously said that this could cost billions of dollars. The commission also slammed Energy Safe Victoria, the statutory body charged with overseeing safety in the electrical system, as a weak regulator that lacked influence over power companies. It said co-regulation by ESV ''appears to be nothing more than 'compli [?]
Black Saturday cost $4.4 billion
The Bushfires Royal Commission has for the first time estimated the cost of the Black Saturday disaster. The commission's final report estimates the cost at $4.4 billion and says this is a "conservative" figure. One of the biggest contributors to the $4.4 billion estimate is the figure put on the 173 lives lost - which has been calculated at $645 million. The commission said it used "the method of valuing life accepted by Commonwealth and Victorian government agencies for a variety of purposes" to calculate the number [?]
Fuelling the fire - ABC Riverina NSW - Australian Broadcasting Corporation
What if big hazard reduction burns are not the best way to rein in the risk of major fires becoming a threat to property and people? Researchers at the Australian National University have been investigating whether widespread fuel reduction burning provides the right kind of protection. The fire scientists, headed by Dr Don Driscoll reckon smaller, more targeted burns are the way to go. Their research shows the it's not the total area burnt, but the location of the hazard reduction burns, and the high-risk fire weather during the fire season. [?]
Nixon must go, says ex-chief
FORMER Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Kel Glare has branded Christine Nixon incompetent and said she should resign. In an unprecedented attack on one of his successors, Mr Glare, chief commissioner from 1987 to 1992, said Ms Nixon's actions on Black Saturday were unforgivable. [?]

This article contains information from Peter Campbell's 2009 Victorian bushfire bookmarks from Delicious obtained from an RSS feed

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