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Greenlivingpedia was created by Peter Campbell and Rob Janson in February 2007 to create a resource to share information about sustainable building, green living and other topics.



Our goal is to provide an information resource initially focusing on sustainable housing and building, but contributions on other topics are welcome too. There are many websites, blogs and directories available with good information about sustainable living, but very few allow people to collaborate on content and create articles.

Greenlivingpedia is a wiki, so you can create and edit content to share information and collaborate with others on how we can lighten our footprint on the planet and live in harmony with nature and our environment. Greenlivingpedia uses the same MediaWiki software as Wikipedia, the world's most popular online encyclopaedia.

You can also publish original or commercial information in a protected article if you wish.

Anyone can view Greenlivingpedia content, but we have restricted page creation and editing to people who have created a user account. We have done this to reduce administration overheads that could arise due to vandalism and "wiki spam" from anonymous edits. Also, we would like people to trust Greenlivingpedia content, and be able to contact contributors and authors via their user talk pages.


All Greenlivingpedia contents are under a [GFDL GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). This means you can copy, modify, and redistribute Greenlivingpedia content as you want. However, it would be nice if you link back to each time you take some contents out of it.

While many images are freely licensed, some images may only be available with the limited permission of the author. By clicking on any image, you may view its description page and learn about its copyright status. This is especially important for commercial republishers as some images may have conditions or licensing fees required for commercial use.

Relationship to Wikipedia

Greenlivingpedia has no direct relationship with Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation, or any of their projects; however, the founder of this site is a supporter of and contributor to the English Wikipedia. Greenlivingpedia will incorporate and liberally link to content on Wikipedia, and intends to honor both the spirit and the letter of the GFDL under which that content is made available. Content from Greenlivingpedia may incorporated into Wikipedia where appropriate. Greenlivingpedia articles can also provided sources for content within Wikipedia articles.

Content created and maintained on Greenlivingpedia does not have to comply with Wikipedia policies, so this allows us to expand into areas of content that may not initially be suitable for Wikipedia.

Site Support

Greenlivingpedia is a not-for-profit information source that relies on voluntary contributions and is presently supported by donations.

Right now, most of the expense comes out of the founder's pocket. Should income ever actually exceed cost, the "profits" will be kept as compensation for the unpaid time and effort that has gone into developing this site.

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