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John McConville in Donald
John McConville in Donald

The town of Donald in Victoria, Australia, has 140 dwellings with solar arrays that put electricity back into the state grid.

The solar units were bought in a group deal that resulted in 20 per cent of the town’s homes participating in the generation scheme at an installation cost of about $1500 each.

Donald 2000 committee chairman John McConville has said that a group buying scheme for domestic solar heating systems has also attracted 50 firm inquiries.

John Tottenham is one of the residents that installed solar generation.

"If we generated power from all the households in the region, it would cancel out the output of a small power station," he said.

Mr McConville said the installation cost could be recovered from selling power back into the grid. Roof-mounted solar panel systems were linked to inverters that “reversed” the standard electricity meter when power was generated (also known as "grid interactive".

It was estimated that a typical dwelling would generate up to $600 of power a year.

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