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Environment East Gippsland is a community group based in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. The group has been active in campaigns to protect forests in East Gippsland such as Brown Mountain forest by adding them to national park reserve systems.

[edit] Forest Policy 2010

  1. End all industrial scale native forest logging in East Gippsland by end of 2012.
  2. East Gippsland mills wishing to continue operating to be guaranteed plantation log supply to meet existing license agreements after 2012.
  3. Government funded exit packages to be provided for sawmills and logging industry workers who wish to exit.
  4. Assist workers who choose to relocate and take up employment opportunities in the substantial plantations of Western Victoria.
  5. While native forest logging is being phased out, DSE must conduct flora and fauna studies for threatened species prior to allocating forests for logging (as prescribed in EEG vs VicForests ruling).
  6. Victorian woodchip needs of South East Fibre Export to be sourced only from plantations with no subsidies for logs or transportation.
  7. Native forests wood must not be used for power generation, biofuels or charcoal.
  8. East Gippsland to be promoted as a key region in Victoria for visitors to experience old growth, rainforest and native forest wildlife. Government to provide assistance to encourage and establish a new local focus and employment based on forest tourism, such as Old Growth forest walks.
  9. Prescribed burns to be planned using evidence-based, scientifically rigorous evaluation to ensure they do not occur in damp forest types or where endangered species or where it might alter original veg type, might exist without first carrying out rigorous surveys.
  10. Conservation Natural Land Managers, biologists and Park Rangers to be increased across East Gippsland with appropriate funding.

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