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Friends of the Earth (Melbourne) believes that social and environmental issues cannot be separated from each other. As a result, FoE is a social and environmental justice organisation. It seeks to work towards a sustainable and equitable future and seeks to work in a way that empowers individuals and communities. This means that FoE operates on a collective basis using consensus for decision-making.

FoE campaigns from the local to global level: it is part of the FoE Australia network, which currently includes 12 groups around the country. FoE Australia is, in turn, the national member of FoE International, which is now active in 77 countries.

Collectively, the FoE network is the largest environmental federation in the world. It has around 5,000 local branches, including those in Australia. Member groups at the national level are autonomous, leading to a great diversity within the network. FoE International is active on many of the key global environmental and social issues.

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