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THe Green New Deal conference Melbourne was held in Melbourne on 23 to 25 October 2009. It coincided with global day of action on climate change.

We are living in extraordinary times. Our choice is to move consciously towards a new sustainable and satisfying future or be overwhelmed by multiple converging global crises. Business as usual—a return to "trend growth" — is not a viable option. The idea of a "green new deal" is shorthand for taking deliberate, long-sighted, transformative steps to tackle these crises, not piecemeal, but in an integrated and holistic fashion.

This conference is your opportunity to help shape an Australian Green New Deal and start discussing what it might mean in Asia and the Pacific. The necessary changes are both societal and practical. We will map steps forward at all levels from household to global, and in contexts from work to recreation to relationships. We aim to catalyse new action and reinforce what is already underway.

The keynote speaker, crossing live from the UK, will be Professor Tim Jackson, author of Prosperity without Growth about to be published as a book. As Tim says:

"Prosperity consists in our ability to flourish as human beings—within the ecological limits of a finite planet. The challenge for our society is to create the conditions under which this is possible. It is the most urgent task of our times."

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