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[edit] What's it all about?

Greenlivingpedia is a community resource to share information about sustainable building, green living and other topics. Our goal is to provide an information resource initially focusing on sustainable housing and building, but contributions on other topics are welcome too. See Greenlivingpedia:About for more information.

[edit] What does Greenlivingpedia run on?

Greenlivingpedia uses the same Mediawiki software as Wikipedia, the world's most popular online encyclopaedia. However, Greenlivingpedia is completely separate from Wikipedia.

[edit] What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a website that can create and edit content on simply using a web browser. See Help:Contents for more information on how to use a wiki. Users can add, edit or discuss topics, information and categories. As with the Wikipedia, the online encylopaedia, value of the content is driven by the users. Where you see errors or gaps in information, you can edit, create or remove it.

[edit] Is Greenlivingpedia a commercial site?

No. Greenlivingpedia is a not-for-profit information source that relies on voluntary contributions. However, donations to help with hosting expenses are welcome.

[edit] Do I need an account to edit Greenlivingpedia?

Yes. You must have an account to edit Greenlivingpedia. However, an account does provide you with additional features such as an article watchlist, a user page and a user talk page.

[edit] Who can see the email address and real name I enter when I create a user logon?

All users can see your logon name, but only Sysop (adminstrators) have access to your email address and real name. Other users can can contact you from the "Email this user" link on your user page, but only if you have enabled email contact in your logon preferences.

[edit] Can anyone edit Greenlivingpedia?

Yes, but only when you have a user account. You can request to have an account created here.

If you already have an account, you can can login to create and edit articles.

[edit] Why do I have to provide an email address before I can edit?

Greenlivingpedia is a very popular website. With popularity comes more attention. Unfortunately, some of this attention is negative with a some people engaging in spam edits and some vandalism. As a protection against this, we therefore require editors to have provided a valid email address before they request an account to be created here. While this is a bit of nuisance, we hope this won't discourage your valuable contributions to Greenlivingpedia, and it will improve the quality of the content. Note that your email address is not visible on Greenlivingpedia or disclosed to anyone.

[edit] Why are pages protected from being moved?

Pages are protecting from being moved by default to prevent vandalism. Pages can still be moved by sysop (admin) users. Please leave a message at the Administrator noticeboard if you would like a page moved.

[edit] Why are some articles protected?

Some original and commercial articles are protected from general editing at the request of the contributors. These articles can only be edited by sysop users.

[edit] How can I discuss an article?

You can discuss changes and approaches - every article has a discussion page associated with it. You can add comments and paticipate in discussions about articles there.

[edit] How does Greenlivingpedia fit in with other wikis?

Greenlivingpedia is working collaboratively with several others wikis. As Wikis evolve, content can be easily shifted between them, and interwiki links can be used to cross reference information. We believe there is some value in having specialised and localised content, and some flexibility in the rules for adding and editing articles.

[edit] What about version control, what happens when pages are changed?

Every change to an article results in a new version of the article being created, with the previous versions of the article being preserved. You can view the edit history of a page by clicking on the history tab to the right of the edit tab above the article title. You can compare changes between any versions and also reinstate any previous version by editing and saving it. In special cases, articles may be deleted by Sysop users.

[edit] How can I add a Google map to an article?

There is a "make a map" button displayed above every edit box when you are editing an article. See Help:Using Google maps for more information.

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