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You can setup a Greenlivingpedia account which you can use to log in before you create and edit pages.

  • You can request to have your account created here
NOTE: Due to the popularity of Greenlivingpedia and many instances of accounts being created for spamming, you now need to submit a request to have your account created.
  • Genuine requests will be approved promptly. You will be notified by email when your account is created.
  • You can login if you already have an account here, or click "log in" in the top right corner

You can edit Greenlivingpedia without an account if you wish. If you do this your edits are anonymous and your current IP address will be recorded as the contributor.

If you are a frequent contributer, you can create an account which will:

  • enable you to maintain a watchlist of pages
  • provide you with a personal user page where you can add your own content
  • provide you with a user talk page where people can leave you messages
  • (optionally) allow you to enable people to contact you via email, without your email address being visible

Please note that some pages are protected from general editing at the request of the author. The front page is also protected.

If you create an account:

  • All users can see your logon name,
  • Only Sysop (adminstrators) have access to your email address and real name.
  • Other users can contact you from the "Email this user" link on your user page, but only if you have enabled email contact in your logon preferences.
  • You can customise your account settings while you are logged in here, or by click on "my preferences" in the top right corner.

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