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[edit] Citing sources

Sources must be cited for edits and additions to this article (and other articles). Please don't add opinions or change the information in it without providing an appropriate reference. Peter Campbell 16:56, 11 January 2009 (CST)


"Please don't add opinions or change the information without providing an appropriate reference."

Interesting concept that, given that quite a lot of the information presented in this document is opinion and not referenced.

Example one: "VicForests has prohibited access to the nearby Errinundra National Park via the tourist road for the past 3 months of summer holidays - with no alternative route offered. This is unacceptable. The public must have access to our National Parks." - VicForests does not have the authroirty to restrict access to tourist roads and has not done so in the instance of Brown Mountain coupe. [Forests Act 1958]. No road closures are in place. The Errinundra Road is open and accessable by anyone. [pers comm ParksVic]. The only area to which restricted access applies is the coupe itself which is within a declared Public Safety Zone. [Victorian Government Gazette].

Example two: "Logging has continued against occupational health and safety regulations when members of the public are present. Worksafe is apparently investigating this." Where is the reference here? As the video footage on this page shows, concerned individuals often sneak into coupes unnoticed by loggers to take footage etc... [Brown Mountain old growth forest page]. In doing so they not only place themselves at risk but breach OH&S regulatons themselves. [Safety in Forestry Operations: Harvest and Haulage, WorkSafe Vic]. No logging work continues once the presence of protesters is evident. Legally however, work can continue on condition that minimum safe distances are maintained [WorkSafe Vic].

In editing the document I was simply attempting to remove quite obvious errors in information. You will notive most information has remained untouched. Comment by User:Gibbogipps.

Gibbogipps, thanks for your clarification, it is important that we aim for accurate content. The content policy is the same as for Wikipedia and is fairly standard for many wikis. You will note that this photo illustrates that access to the Errinundra National Park was restricted by DSE. The "add on" granting access was only added after several weeks of complaints by local residents. Personally, I don't have an issue with members of the public entering our forests - but I do have a problem with them being locked up by DSE then destroyed by logging.
Also note that you can sign your user name to your comments by adding for tildes at the end of them, e.g: ~~~~
I will chase up some more references. Peter Campbell 06:29, 4 February 2009 (CST)
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