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Thermoshield Australia are specialists in the manufacture of liquid thermal insulation coatings. Thermoshield also produces a range of water proofing membranes, exterior paints, render and wet texture coatings.

Founded in 1997, Thermoshield Australia has built a reputation of honesty and integrity that is well-known in local and overseas circles. Operations have grown rapidly due to quality application and outstanding product performance. All products have been extensively tested and successfully applied over the past 10 years.

Thermoshield is a Victorian based company, with contractual and retail sales history. We currently have distributors in Dubai, Malaysia, Iraq, India and here in Australia (Victoria and Queensland), with the possibility of opening up in other states soon.

Thermoshield is a an insulation product for commercial and domestic use. It is applied as a liquid and dries into a tough membrane.

To protect the crew, as well as NASA's space shuttle, which is exposed to temperatures in excess of 2900°C when re-entering the Earth's atmosphere, a ceramic heat dissipating and heat barrier coating was developed. This ceramic product prevented heat intrusion, which in turn caused loss of tiles, has been redeveloped by Thermoshield Australia for commercial, industrial and domestic use.

Thermoshield's UV stable elastomeric insulating ceramic coating, which is an emulsion of high-grade acrylic resins, incorporating special additives, dries to yield a tough, velvety, non-yellowing coat with waterproofing properties as well as exceptional abrasion resistance.

The coating also has very strong corrosion inhibitors (or rust converters) to prevent any further rusting after the application of Thermoshield. When Thermoshield has been applied, the maintenance will be reduced to almost nil. Surface degradation is primarily due to thermal shock (expansion and contraction). Once Thermoshield has been applied, thermal shock, rust and waterproofing problems are eliminated. This will result in a dramatic drop in temperature. Test results have proven that interior temperatures can be reduced by up to 45%, depending on roof structure, existing insulation and height.

[edit] Benefits

A Thermoshield ceramic radiant heat barrier will...

  • Reduce temperature up to 45%
  • Cut cooling costs up to 40%
  • Reduce UV penetration up to 96.6%
  • Improve environmental conditions
  • Prolong cooling equipment life
  • Eliminate thermal shock (expansion and contraction)
  • Stops peeling, cracking and fading
  • Converts rust into iron phosphate
  • Seals and waterproofs
  • Increases metal life, which will save you money.

Bottom line: Keeps the heat out in summer and will keep the cold from radiating in in the winter

[edit] Ratings

  • Thermoshield insulation has an independently tested R value of 6.3
  • GECA
  • GBCA
  • 90% done on ISO 14025

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